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Digital Portrait

Digital Portrait

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Please note the following if you are interested in this product:

1) After you complete the payment, you will receive an email with further instructions. You will have to submit 1-10 clear pictures with full outfits in order to make the cartoon character look like you as much as possible. 

2) The drawing will take up to 1 month to complete based on the amount of orders that needs to be completed.

3) There will be no editing allowed for this product, after you submit your pictures you will receive the final drawing.

4) If you have specific requirements like: Background colors, accessories, etc. Please make sure to specify it once you submit the pictures.

5) The price is for 1 character only. 

6) This is a digital product only, meaning you will receive it via email as a pdf and a png file. 

7) Please note that this product is sold for personal use only.

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